Pine Lake, Chenequa ($8,000/Week)
Hartford ($8,000/Week or $1,200/Night)

Pine Lake, Chenequa ($60,000/Week)


Village of Chenequa ($10,000/week)

Hawthorne Hollow, Waukesha ($3,200/4 Nights or $5000.00/Week )

Pine Lake, Chenequa ($7,500/week or $1,100/night)

Beaver Lake, ($7,500/week or $1,100/night)

RV Parking in Stone Bank,   ($1,000/Week)

Beaver Lake, Hartland  ($56,000/Week)

Beaver Lake, Hartland  ($15,000/Week)

Holy Hill ($7,500/Week)

Holy Hill ($6,500/Week)

Close to Historic Downtown Oconomowoc ($11,500/Week)

Pine Lake, Chenequa ($25,000/Week)
Town of Merton ($725.00/Night)

Additional inventory added continuously

We have a select number of houses and concierge services available upon request.
If you are looking for something specific please call or e-mail Sarah for accommodations. (262-309-9865)

**Rental properties and services are not associated with the USGA and Erin Hills Golf Course. We do not include or offer tickets for the USGA or Erin Hills Golf Course. Everyone even those with a view of the course, must have a ticket to gain access to the Championship**

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